Have you been struggling to take charge of your health?

Are you tired of feeling lethargic and bloated AF? Do you feel like you need to constantly eat less and less just to get the top button of your jeans done up? Are you done with diets that never seem to work and only leave you feeling hungry and out of control? I feel ya. Cuz I used to be you. Now, let's imagine a life where you woke up feeling energized and excited for the day ahead. You can't wait to put on your new sundress that makes you look as vibrant as you feel inside. A life where bloating is a thing of the past. A life where you are in total control of your health!

The KickStart Your Health Challenge allows you to focus on one area of health at a time. A giant overhaul never helped anyone anyways. Spend as much time as you need on each module because lasting change is truly about small meaningful changes over time.

In this Challenge, you’ll learn which foods are & aren't supporting your health, how to overcome your sugar addiction, how to increase your vegetable consumption, why to prioritize sleep and how to effectively manage stress. All so you can take control of your health and go live your most vibrant energized life!

What People Are Saying...

“I went into the KickStart Your Health Challenge with the goal to improve my eating habits, lose some weight of which would help with some pain. The past year I've struggled with some knee issues, and it became apparent that less weight would equal less pain. My diet has always been a struggle and my biggest challenge. I've known what to eat and not eat, but I had become comfortable with the weight I was at and was comfortable just maintaining. The Challenge gave me the tools to cut out a lot of the bad, and the accountability I needed to start losing weight. The Challenge kept me on track and allowed me room to indulge. The private Facebook group was nice to post questions and a great way for Jenna to take a pulse of how the group was doing. The weight has come off at a healthy rate, by the end of the Challenge I was down 10lbs. I'm planning healthy meals for the week, and I have tools in place to get past my goal of getting under 200lbs.”

Deon HorsleyDeon Horsley

“I signed up for the 6 weeks program which introduced whole foods to me in many different ways. This included recognizing and selecting healthier food groups like nuts, vegetables, fruits, proteins, along with fewer sugars, and processed foods. Better food label knowledge allowed me to make better choices for what brands to buy and what to look out for, such as additives and preservatives. As the weeks passed, over time, it got easier and easier. I felt less bloated after meals, digestion felt better, and my energy levels increased and fatigue dropped. My family was supportive through the program, my husband ate the same meals as I did and we enjoyed meal planning and grocery shopping together. It was a fun and mutually beneficial experience as we would discuss favourite meal plans and different foods and eating experiences. In fact, he experienced greater results than I did! Overall, I enjoyed my experience in the program and am happy with my results. I found the meal plans very helpful, the meals were simple, yet delicious. This is something my husband and I plan to keep up and maintain.​”

Lisa ChanLisa Chan

“I recently participated in the Simply Nurtured, 'KickStart Your Health Challenge'. It was a fantastic experience with Jenna offering wonderful support, recommendations, advice and encouragement. Through the challenge not only did I lose some weight, I more importantly began some positive habits. I'm writing this about two and a half weeks after the end of the challenge and I'm happy to say that not only has the weight stayed off, the good habits have continued. I continue to eat well, sleep well and feel terrific overall. I appreciate this being a six week challenge, because it allowed me to really focus on my habits and routines for a good length of time. I approached the Challenge as a beginning of change; I'm thrilled to say it was a great choice and I highly recommend it!”

Pat WorthingtonPat Worthington

“The KickStart Your Health Challenge was an exciting program that worked really well with my motivations and wants to kick off the year. I lost weight and had significantly more energy to get through the day. After tailoring the amount of protein I needed the meal plan was fantastic. Most of it was really tasty with an ability; to hide vegetables, and change pork to chicken or turkey, in almost everything was easy. The weekly plans detailed to me what I was going to eat and I adjusted the amounts and snacked regularly on vegetables and water to ensure energy was always up without feeling hungry and cranky. The recipes and challenges within the challenge were simple and easy enough to carry forward in my life. Thank you for the Challenge and support to complete it.”

James BoltonJames Bolton

A look inside KickStart Your Health

  • 1
    • Welcome to KickStart Your Health!
  • 2
    Shop Quality Products
    • Shop Quality Protein
    • Shop My Pantry Favourites
    • Shop Superior Olive Oil
  • 3
    Clean Out That Pantry!
    • Get rid of the junk food. Keeping the junk out of the house is the key to your success!
    • KickStart Meal Plan
  • 4
    Overcoming Your Sugar Addiction
    • You’ve removed sugar from your pantry last week but it’s still finding it’s way into your diet!?
    • KickStart Meal Plan
  • 5
    Eat Your Veggies!
    • How many veggies are you really eating?
    • KickStart Meal Plan
    • Eat More Veggies - Additional Recipes
  • 6
    Let's Talk About Your Fluid Intake
    • Are you drinking enough, Water?
    • KickStart Meal Plan
    • Spice Up Your Water
  • 7
    Let's Talk About Sleep
    • How well do you sleep?
    • KickStart Meal Plan
  • 8
    How Stressed Are You?
    • 7 Ways to de-stress
    • KickStart Meal Plan
  • 9
    Next Steps...
    • Congratulations!

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  • Jenna Lessner

    Jenna Lessner

    Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant

    Hi! I’m Jenna. A born-and-raised farm girl with nothing more than a passion and a dream to help others find freedom from food, as an Emotional Eating Coach. Using food as comfort has been my fallback my entire life and I have struggled with obesity because of an unhealthy relationship with food. When I graduated university with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in 2010, my weight had climbed to 295 pounds. The day I stepped on the scale and saw that number staring back at me was a turning point in my life. I developed the tools to help me get out of my vicious cycle and finally gain my health back. I no longer turned to food for comfort and found other healthy modalities that helped me deal with my severe depression. Through my formal education and experience, I believe nutrient-dense foods are the key to optimal health. Nurturing the body starts with whole food. But I also believe it’s not about the food. How we view food and our relationships towards food is the bigger issue. The harder issue, the issue that people shy away. Keeping the weight off for 5 years isn’t because nutrition became my passion, but because I learned to have a healthy relationship with food.

This course was created for you if you have been struggling to take control of your health AND are ready to take action.

Changing your life isn't easy. I've been in your shoes. I know you want to change that lasts and focuses on longevity. I have personally lost 130 pounds. I created this 6-week program for you.  Allowing you to focus each week on a different area of your life that not only affects weight loss but overall health. Because I know that it's not just about you, but also the health of your family, KickStart Your Health is kid-friendly. You are provided with a brand new weekly meal plan that includes an itemized grocery list and delicious recipes that the whole family can enjoy! 

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